Orbit’s new offering comes as the company rebrands from Telespine and continues to rapidly grow in the health plan and direct-to-consumer MSK space through its partnerships with leading platforms such as Teladoc & Olive.

BOULDER, CO, July 27, 2022 – Orbit Telehealth, a leader in virtual MSK care, announced today its launch of the first-ever platform to enable the over 300,000 brick-and-mortar Physical Therapy providers to offer hybrid virtual care. 

Patients can access telehealth appointments with their physical therapist and receive personalized exercise-based care plans based on their stage of recovery. The easy-to-access videos and self-guided lessons help PTs and their patients extend traditional in-office care to the home, where most recovery happens. Structured therapist intervention combined with self-guided lessons keeps patients accountable.

Back pain is estimated to be the third-highest medical cost driver in the U.S. (behind diabetes and obesity) at $92 billion annually. In addition, back pain sufferers are known to have low adherence to traditional treatment options. Orbit’s new offering removes the barriers to adherence to both physical therapy interventions and advanced behavior change science to treat back pain. 

“As the COVID-19 pandemic upended traditional visits, Physical Therapists and MFR Therapists have adopted virtual care at a rapid pace. With the launch of our Clinician Platform, we’re enabling providers with the capabilities they need to better support their patients and provide them with personalized tools, information, and access to the professional guidance they need to more effectively self-manage their condition,” said Dr. Mark Barnes, CEO of Orbit.

Using digital interventions to support face-to-face care has been shown to improve outcomes by positively impacting patients’ reported adherence to at-home exercises when compared to in-person therapy alone.

Physical Therapists are under increased competition and shrinking margins, and they will benefit financially from the adoption of the platform. Remote Therapeutic Monitoring (RTM) CPT Codes 98980 and 98981 allow Therapists to be reimbursed for monitoring and communicating with their patients remotely through the platform. Utilization of the codes is exceptionally low because providers don’t know where to even begin. Now, able to track patient adherence to their exercise programs and receive patient feedback directly through the portal, providers are able to “turn on” new and meaningful sources of revenue with Orbit. Patients have also been found ready and willing to pay a small monthly subscription for access to the platform, leading to higher overall practice revenue.

“Orbit’s Digital MSK Clinic meets the needs of clinicians and patients in a changing healthcare ecosystem. Post-pandemic healthcare has embraced a hybrid approach, using technology to achieve the IHI Triple Aim of improving health and the patient experience while lowering the cost of care”, said Orbit strategic advisor Andrew Greenfield, MD. 

“My clients love the Orbit App and so do I. They are far more engaged with their programs and consistent with follow-through, which means they are getting far better results than they would otherwise. I love how easy it is for both myself and my clients to use. Super user friendly and unlike anything else out there” said Nikki Costello, a therapist who has integrated the platform into her practice.

About Orbit Telehealth

Boulder-based Orbit (formerly Telespine) is a digital health company that alleviates back and joint pain through affordable, evidence-based solutions focused on therapeutic technologies and personalized health coaching. A former Techstars portfolio company, Orbit delivers its solutions through employers, insurers, TPAs, providers, and other benefit and wellness program sponsors, as well as through Direct to Consumer partnerships with platforms such as Teladoc and Olive.

For more information, visit www.orbittelehealth.com.

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